how to share posts in multiple groups in facebook in just one click

Easiest way to share post in multiple groups on Facebook

easiest way to share posts in a lot of groups
how to share posts in multiple groups on face book in just one click
Easiest way to share post in multiple groups on Facebook
we all know that Face book is the greatest social media app and website now a days so every one trying to hack others accounts. that's the reason Face book security is very strict. now face book is another biggest source of traffic of websites.
Face book groups as traffic source

many people trying to increase their website traffic through face book.

face book groups can solve their problems so they are trying to posts in multiple groups.but due to face book hacking and other security systems face book don't allow people to post multiple groups in one click.

Face book for sharing to a lot of peoples.

Face book page is the another way to share your imagination, thinking, ideas and others posts like this. but for this we need a lot of page liker and followers . their for people go towards face book groups. but when people share in one by one group then their a lot of time wastes.
that's why people search about how to posts in a lot of groups on face book

so i have an amazing trick to post in multiple groups on face-book in just some minutes. follow me step by step and enjoy this amazing trick

Steps to post in multiple groups on Facebook in just one click

1st step.

open the

2nd step

click on about button when you see the group which you have joined.where you will find the group email address.however many groups have not their emails so you can find their email address in that way

If you are able to find email address of a group in the about section then it's fine otherwise look at the address bar of your will see two types of facebook urls.either first or either second.



3rd step

now just paste url or username first and then



4th step

now just paste all email addresses of others groups like this one by one in any file

5th step

login to the email which is use in face book and then open the compose email

6th step

now just enter all emails in address of your send mail

7th step

enter the text or pictures or links which you want to share in groups on composing mail

and press the send button

8th step

open your groups one by one and see the posts and enjoy

things for understanding

don't posts too much in too much this case you can block