Girl fights to defend her honor on road

Girl fights to defend her honor on road

When it comes to word rape, first thing come into our mind is INDIA. India has most rate of this disease. Even Indian army do not respect women in their society and police? leave that debate for decade.Today what we are going to show you is not safe for children. You got to hide and lower your music before listening this. This is a story from Maharashtra where a girl fights with some police man on road.

Women live worst life in India

India is very much notorious for having larger ratio of rapes. Find today’s magazines and read the women section of any magazine. You will surely find a r4pe case in it featuring India. Indian people are much greedy when it comes to women.

Fish attacked and swallowed the girl

Many of the times we have to see some of the dangerous incidents in our lives. Those mishaps leave long lasting effects in our minds.
People of almost all countries of the world have different types of hobbies according to their interests and available resources. They try to utilize their spare times in order to entertain them.

Shark attacked the girl on beach

Once, a young girl was enjoying with her friends at the beach of the river. She was very much excited to swim in the nearby water of the ocean.
Her friends also inspired her in order to swim with them. When she was standing at the bench of the ocean, a shark of a very large size appeared from a corner of the ocean and attacked the girl.

Elephant Crushed School Kids and Other

A tamed elephant attacked and crushed many people including school children. The incident took place in the circus of India where a large number of people were gathered to saw circus performances.

Elephant in India Executed Many Visitors

Many people in India were killed in wild elephant attack that erupted tension in the area. People were taking pictures of the elephant when it attacked and threw off its handler. Elephant then ran towards public and started crushing them that caused many casualties and serious injuries.

Camel walking Headless in African Park.mp4

A horrible scene captured in China

China has the second largest economy of the world. It is the country which has the largest population which belongs to different communities. An amazing fact about the people of China is that they do not like to communicate in any other language instead of their own. Different types of miracles have been happened in the world. China is such a country in which the people often have to face some uncommon and unusual scenes.

Inhuman activities of Chinese people

It is a matter of fact that China is such a country which has the largest population of the world. The people of this country are very much sincere and hard working.