Fish attacked and swallowed the girl

Many of the times we have to see some of the dangerous incidents in our lives. Those mishaps leave long lasting effects in our minds.
People of almost all countries of the world have different types of hobbies according to their interests and available resources. They try to utilize their spare times in order to entertain them.

Many people have hobby of visiting historical and beautiful places. Tourism has become a prominent hobby of the people of all regions nowadays.
But sometimes doing dangerous stunts cause to the happening of some serious and crucial mishaps. Once upon a time, a young girl was enjoying the lovely scenes on the beach of an ocean.
She was very much excited about the lovely and attractive sights of the nature. She was quite unaware about the upcoming mishap which was going to be happened with her.
At once a big shark fish came at the beach and attacked the girl. The girl cried and tried her best level to resist but the fish badly injured her. The situation of that girl was quite miserable.
All the visitors, who were present in the surroundings, were very much worry about the girl. T