Women live worst life in India

India is very much notorious for having larger ratio of rapes. Find today’s magazines and read the women section of any magazine. You will surely find a r4pe case in it featuring India. Indian people are much greedy when it comes to women.

In the video a girl is trying to get rid of Indian police officer. Police officer however trying to flirt and impress the girl instead of doing his duty and protect civilians.  That’s a painful video recorded in Maharashtra. Instead of doing his duty and protecting the daughters and wives of civilians, these policeman is trying to fetch them for bad.

Indian government however is much silent on these issues all over India. This is not just one girl, she is future of next decade. She is mother of someone, she is daughter of someone. She is surely a sister of someone. If these millions of someone stands against Indian Army and Government of India then they will bear the tears for next decade.
From religion point of view, India has majority of Hindus. Hindus do not even care about their families. So they starts hunt outside the wall. They do anything for lust, that is shameless act. Reason behind this greed is another debate however what we are going to reveal today is much painful if you see the video.