A horrible scene captured in China

China has the second largest economy of the world. It is the country which has the largest population which belongs to different communities. An amazing fact about the people of China is that they do not like to communicate in any other language instead of their own. Different types of miracles have been happened in the world. China is such a country in which the people often have to face some uncommon and unusual scenes.

While talking about the amazing and unbelievable incidents, we must quote here the most astonishing clip which was captured in China. Once, some people were visiting an open place near the forest. That place was much attractive for the visitors around the world. Once, a man was cutting the dead body of a girl from her legs. He was making little pieces of the meat. That scene was much terrible for a common man but he had no fear while doing such inhuman activity.
The video clip of that unbelievable sight is spreading on the websites of social media. People were amazed to see the person who was cutting the feet of a girl with a knife. The state should try to investigate the matter in order to clarify the confusion of the people.