Elephant in India Executed Many Visitors

Many people in India were killed in wild elephant attack that erupted tension in the area. People were taking pictures of the elephant when it attacked and threw off its handler. Elephant then ran towards public and started crushing them that caused many casualties and serious injuries.

School children were also included in executed and injured people as they were came on school trip to see stunts of elephant. Emergency situation was announced and police arrived to control the fidget wild animal.

video link http://stylerpk.blogspot.com/2016/01/elephant-crushed-school-kids-and-other.html

Rescue teams arrived immediately and started their rescue operation in the area. However, the loss was immense and elephant destroyed major part of the circus. People were running to save their lives but many of them failed to find a secure place.

Elephants are generally regarded as calm giants and they help and love human beings. However experts think, crowd and flash of lights from cameras created panic situation and usually it this situation elephants consider their enemy to every moving thing and try to destroy it.
Probably just lashing out and trying to get away from supposed attacks, a sort of violent defensive method. In a situation where an elephant is scared and anxious, anything that moves becomes focus of its attention.