Inhuman activities of Chinese people

It is a matter of fact that China is such a country which has the largest population of the world. The people of this country are very much sincere and hard working.

We often have to see or listen about the murder and killing of the innocent people around the globe. All the TV channels are busy to spread the sad news about the crime rates in the world but, have you ever listen about the eating the meat of a person by another person? This is definitely a pathetic and ridiculous topic to be discussed at any plate form. But one of these horrible incidents has happened in China.

video link

A video clip is becoming much popular on the social media websites. In that clip, a person is busy to cut the meat of the dead body of a girl. He was doing this inhuman activity with the help of a knife. In the clip, he has hidden his face with a cover. A young girl was lying on the grass. In fact, the activity of that person is a question mark for the whole nation of China.