Elephant Crushed School Kids and Other

A tamed elephant attacked and crushed many people including school children. The incident took place in the circus of India where a large number of people were gathered to saw circus performances.
Unusual situation were seen when elephant got furious and started crushing everything that came in its way. People started running here and there in search of a safe place that made the condition more terrible.
The crowd and noise were the main reasons that made elephant fidget and it caused huge destruction and casualties. Even tamers started running before elephant rather trying to control giant animal.

Moreover, there was no security precautions were made to tackle any sudden situation as the circus is situated in deprived area where usually visitors are poor and circus management hasn’t enough money to make certain boundaries around the area.
In Hinduism, elephant is considered as sacred animal as one of their God Ganesh has head of elephant. Superstitious people are terming the incident as the result of rage of the God and many religious people has started proffering their worthy things in the way of God Ganesh and performing religious things to in order to please their God.